Event Management

Our skilled and creative team and our experienced venue and event designers are working in order to differentiate and make all the projects unforgettable. We immediately create new and efficient methods and apply them in the field of business activity field such as generating creative ideas, concepts, full visualization, Production (preparation of video recording records and video materials), art direction (decorations, artists, costumes etc.) Directing and stage works (planning of the event's concept, preparation of performance program).

Creative ideas and production

We design it for you. We add value with creative ideas. We generate an extensive communication language and organize your programs in this common language and set-up. We work to different pleasure aspects to the attendants' experiences. We may design a present / treat planning that materialize your program theme or business message.

Venue Planning and Design

Our team informs, directs you in determination of the ideal place and location for your meeting program and helps you to chose the ideal place and location for your meeting. We find and offer the most accurate venue for you. Then we prepare the venues for you with all design aspects such as venue designs, decorations, flowers etc.

Venue Planning and Design

We know that a marvellous dinner experience is one of the most important points of a program. Generation of menus suitable for you, presentation rituals, selection of the location planning, perfect flavour and service is our job. Its our job to design menus, organize presentations and manage unexpected changes.

Decoration, Stage, Sound-Light

Q Event has the expertise and resources to stimulate the senses of the guests from enlightening a special dinner with creative lightening, designing of dynamic, customized thematic designs for a general session to offering a bold stage design.For youwe develop musical, stage, illumination, sound and visualisation solutions for the creation of desired environment. We prepare presentations for alternative concepts and solutions and budgeting them.


We may build all the details from successful artists to the best comedians to musicals, persons and showmen appropriate for your sector that support your message and organize a perfect entertainment.

Speech and Session Planning

We offer you all kinds of services regarding international speakers, motivational speakers, moderators, determination of speakers appropriate for your sector and objective of your meeting and preparation of speech programs.

Tour Management

We make you live a full destination experience with special tour programs that will be generated in accordance with your event goals.

Project Support Services

Each project is unique. Therefore, its management requires special skills. Our Project Support Department; is by your side to resolve tasks such as professional coordination of the event, airport welcoming services, coordination and control of all services (accommodation, food, conference, travel program), coordination of transportation services and technical assistance anytime during the organization. Hospitality support service is the pulse of guest communications. Our staff who is working professionally is ready to help activity records and respond to your needs.


  • Social and artistic activities
  • Invitations designed special for the attendants
  • We present general or personal special presents, surprise services and services to the attendants
  • VIP activities
  • Demonstration design and applications
  • Cultural events
  • Stage events
  • Factory/Shopping Mall opening organizations
  • Groundbreaking organizations
  • Road show activities